360 Interactive formats

Sorry…We are updating this software by integrating it into “The Genesis Simulation”

We currently have 360 Interactive available in Blu-ray Format and FLASH DVD download (Requires Flash Player as a stand alone application or to be opened in supporting web browser). This include 60 separate “High Definition” film clips woven together with a user interface for Interactive navigation. Allowing you to move around the globe to review and share the true continental origins, which inevitably separated in a cataclysm known as “the great flood”. There are 14 different points around the planet and 4 separate views of each ( Dry Earth, Flood Mode, & 2X zoom for each) allowing you the greatest coverage of Earth and its continental origins!


We are currently working on an App Version to be available in Android and Apple ios platform, but are in need of a dedicated server. Please feel free to donate to the educational cause.