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Advertising enables Print & ensures future editions of NAN Magazine

Know your investment is spent well. I will make public announcements about our total views and reach, but our projected audience is up to 10000 digital viewers, and 2000 paper copies, with a run-time of three months until a new edition comes out (Hashem willing). You can also look at advertising with NAN Magazine as a show of support that will enable us to go to print and provide future editions. I hope you find this a worthy cause and not only a business investment. If several business advertise with NAN Magazine at fair rates, it would go a long way to ensure printing. The first edition in hi-quality digital format is available here for you to review and we can work in your add for the paper release of the first edition and this would aid us to continue.

Here are the rates for advertising, which include us preparing your advertisement (with photos you supply if you desire). If you already have a hi-quality 300dpi advertisement you would like to use and will supply that so we only have to set and send you your proof, enter “Supply Ad” in the coupon section for a 25% discount. Click on the live price links and process your information. Or feel free to email me

  • Quarter page——————————— $160.00
  • Third page————————————- $200.00
  • Half page————————————— $240.00
  • Whole page———————————— $400.00
  • 2 page spread——————————— $600.00