The Genesis Simulation- Coming Soon!

Although it appeared I have been inactive, actually I have been working double time. I am so excited to share this preview image of our upcoming ‘game-play style software’, “The Genesis Simulation”. I am going for the most immersive user experience for the creation of our earth/moon system, which aligns with scripture and evidence. We are even looking into the possibility of making this available in virtual reality.

This is the perfect follow up to our Fingerprints of the Flood film, which left many believers asking questions about early Genesis. My discovery of the geologic origin for the South Atlantic Anomaly, which led to the complete re-write of Plate Tectonics, is taken to a whole new visual level. This is then combined with NASA’ G.R.A.I.L. mission data to validate the simplest and only epistemic answer… which of course shows scripture 100% correct from the vantage point of the planet.

The Genesis Simulation focuses on the less common but most essential factors of our earth/moon system. Such as the tidal locked front face of our slowly drifting away moon, and how this backs up to a single event aligning evidence with scripture. It also puts into one place, in their proper spherical configuration, all the difficult to research data, showcasing our discovery for true educational purposes. It is our hope and prayer that this becomes an invaluable resource for academic purposes… and that it aids believers in understanding the sovereignty of Almighty God and His trustworthy inspiration of early Genesis.

When we grow as believers, we learn to discern the epistemic from the ontological. For example, it is ontologically objective and correct to state “the sky is blue”, when it is epistemically not blue but clear, which is why we see the heavens at night. An inadvertent error (or primitive mind) may think the sky actually changes color, when it in fact does not. Sadly, many believers today do not understand such distinction within scripture and make many inadvertent errors in their study or positions of belief. Some go as far as demanding discord with evidence, not realizing such behavior promotes ‘the seed of terrorism’, which is the maladaptive social psychological behavior of ‘out-group derogation’. I added a special section in “The Genesis Simulation” on ‘Overcoming the Seed of Terrorism’ to aid believers from the pitfalls of inadvertent error.

Sincerely: Chacham Dan

Christian Film Playoff- 2017 Doculyfe Champion!!!

2017 Doculyfe Tournament Champion

The Wonderful people at “” which host an annual “Christian Documentary Tour” has Crowned our film “Fingerprints of the Flood” A Tournament Champion!!!

This unique “head to head tournament” along with their intricate scoring/judging format, places independent films against another with the winners advancing until one is crowned Tournament Champion in their respective category.

We here at God Over Time would like to thank the people at “” for all their hard work and commitment to further Independent Film.



The wonderful people at “Jesus Cine Fest” in Buenos Aires Argentina, have made our film ‘Fingerprints of the Flood’ an “Official Selection” for their upcoming festival. Our film will be shown at four venues on Saturdays, September 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd. They will announce the winners in their respective categories on September 1st, just prior to the event. Keep us in your prayers. I cannot stress how important this region of South America was in our discovery of the geologic origin for the South Atlantic Anomaly, which led to the creation of our film. We are deeply honored that these folks in Buenos Aires recognize the critical role their region has in this discovery!

To the glory of the Lord… we have now reached every continent on the planet!

WOW! Our movie won it’s first Award

We are so excited to announce that our new movie “Fingerprints of the Flood” has won its first award!

On April 16th 2016, at the 49th Annual Worldfest in Houston Texas (Worldfest link) , we were awarded a Platinum Remi Award… in the sub-category of “Animated (any technique)”. This was the highest award given in this sub-category and is distinct from the CG 3D, Classic Cell, Clay & other, and Anime. Considering that Worldfest is the oldest and one of the worlds largest independent film festivals, and that they only give awards to those films that score high enough for honors by their judges…We are truly humbled to be recognized by them for our efforts! Thank you Worldfest for recognizing the degree of difficulty in what our movie attempts to clearly convey.

wf-2016-gldAlso, at the Christian Film Festival in Newport News Virginia, “Fingerprints of the Flood” was screened on April 30th 2016 at Menchville Baptist Church. We were granted “Fan Favorite in the Educational Category”  and also their “Knowledge Award”. Thanks to those in attendance that voted for us as we were up against a film “Koinania With God”, which won for Best Cinematography.

As we are starting to get media attention for this project, questions arise. To be clear for all media, our main intent for this film is “Education & Awareness”. To reveal discovery that the latest evidence brings to light and let the public view it openly. More than just entertainment, the film industry has the ability to educate and is the best avenue today for speedy release of new discovery! Film festival judging is more than a competent filter for public material…and in many cases, these judges are among the most educated and successful people in our society today!

In our day and age, the scientific peer review process, is just as broken and political as resolving dogma at many local churches and religious centers. New discovery can get bogged down and even buried in a quagmire of scenarios and feuds. When something is self-evident and eclipses the current standard, fear of change has to be overcome for human development. This is what our film aimed for!

More exciting news to come! “Baruch Hashem“- “Blessed be the name of the Lord”