Continent Origins- Torah Trumps Plate Tectonics

Clues from the depth of Torah rewrite Plate Tectonic Theory!

The GIF’s below are snippets from my original animated map that followed the World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map to gain true continental motion. It accounts for every bit of up to date scientific data, and flows in accordance with the laws of physics. Academia has been searching for a more robust model, as the Pangaea notion falls by the wayside in light of all evidence.

The directional possibilities for each and every region was considered while making this map, which took 9 years to compile and animate. Although these GIF’s contain only 9 frames back and forth, the original (completed in 2015) is over 400% larger and 1340 frames in length. Aside from a few minor areas of surface adjustment, it accounts for all Anomaly data, Seismic scans, Spectral elemental scans, and it validates all plate boundaries rewind uniformly, without the need for pre-exitisting continental morphing. It establishes Earth’s motion driven ‘oblate retraction” during spin slowdown, and carries ‘Occam’s Razor’ for continental origins. Cooled crust cracks and slides over the outer shell, with chunks of the lithosphere and even masses of the Athenosphere, as the gelatinous Mantle twisted ‘prolate’ following the ‘Coriolis Force’. I intend to show how the original forms were ‘stamped’ during a ‘soft collision’ with our proto-moon.

So how does this latest data relate to Torah? As unscientific as it may seem to some academics…This model based upon the evidence CANNOT come apart under any ‘drift scenario’. Every bit of ‘drift’, only amounts to ‘build up’ to a cataclysmic rapid separation. Reviewing the ‘epistemic evidence’, one could confidently see the ‘soft collision” of a “without form and void” Earth and proto-moon as the “Let there be light” of Genesis 1:3, without stretching the imagination. It would also begin the tidal locked moon, which in Genesis 1:4 “separated the light from the darkness“. From here the entire Torah makes perfect sense according to all scientific data. Right up to a complete global flood during the separation of continents. The evidence cannot be denied…Torah trumps Plate Tectonics!

Just click on the Gif’s to view them at full size and follow the motions that align Torah and evidence!