Equatorial (Fossil) Bulge evident in the earth!

Every scientist agrees that the earth is spinning slower than ever before. It is an accepted fact the earth is steadily slowing and our current 24 hour day was once less than 6 hours long. Scientists agree that a day on the earth during the Jurassic period (145-201 MYA) was less than 23 hours. Complex animal life appears so late relative to earth formation for this sole reason. The “Cambrian Explosion” was only 541 million years ago, because the speed of earth rotation held conditions preventing this blossoming.

Earths past increased spin, not only means the days were shorter, but also that equatorial bulge was greater. It is just physics. Plate Tectonic theory never considered this factor, as their morphing plates follow presupposed independent motion from now-discredited under surface sources. The image on the right by Retired Prof. Ron Blakey is a standard textbook view of the continents 170 MYA during the Jurassic. The continents are in such improbable positions. We now see the proposed motions of Plate Tectonic Theory run contrary to the slowing down of the Earth. The slowdown would cause contraction of the Pangaea positions according to physics, not drift.

It is this reality of physics that caused me to look more closely at the continental configuration, despite Prof. Ron Blakey’ inspiring imagery. Not only are the genuine motions confirmed in the specific shapes of the continents, but every landmass formed on their surface testifies to their origin without morphing subduction. I cannot stress enough how correct the continental origins are when derived from the magnetic anomaly signatures.

The retraction of equatorial bulge due to planetary slowdown cannot be denied! Regardless of the original degree of oblation, once the outer crust of earth cooled, its future directing became sealed. Answers to the question of original stamping will be forthcoming, but for now, we need to grasp pressure from within. The viscosity of earth’s gelatinous mantle varies as it is sandwiched between the liquid outer core and a more than 1500 degree Athenosphere. All this squishes by immense pressure against the lithosphere into the thin outer crust. As viewed in the China Geologic survey model under Antarctica, the Asthenosphere retains this immense pressure of continental formation like a foam mold.

Our model and its pressure originating at the 45° South latitude are confirmed by the Asthenosphere forms under Antarctica. There Antarctica once resided with Australia. Every land formation on both continents accounts for this stress uniformly. Moreover, the pressure originating at the 45° South latitude is confirmed in the magnetic anomaly signatures and its rapid flush remains on all South Atlantic Ocean surfaces. Not to mention, the formation of the Scotia Plate which forced continental flush is the only explanation for the South Atlantic Anomaly, which was discovered by Dr. James Van Allen in 1958.

During oblation retraction due to slowdown, the cooled crust at the 45° latitude has to travel furthest. The stronger the crust due to cooling, the greater the thrust under the prolate pressure of the immense interior. As we will show this also follows global lithosphere thickness according S40RTS data. Our model for continental formation due to rapid separation holds Occam’s Razor over current Plate Tectonic Theory. General continent forms were stamped during a soft collision with our proto-moon (touching for >5Hours 37Minutes). This was the “Let there be light” of Genesis 1:3. The close proximity and rate of spin maintained huge oblation until the moon drifted far enough and the earth cooled. The cooled crust always maintained a single continental configuration through the Cambrian and Jurassic Eras. We see the time-line clear in the magnetic signatures for the origin of meteor impact creators.

The Zohar says that “these 7 continents came from a breakup of the one continent into seven”. Evidence is now conclusive that this is the case. It is time for academia to shed its Pangaea myth and embrace its own rules of evidence. Tectonic Plates exist today but Plate Tectonics as taught in academia is invalidated. All transverse, strike/slip boundaries are primary and they rewind to the correct single continent origin. Thankfully all evidence aligns with scripture.