Flood In Flight…A More In Depth Article


June 2016- Requests for more data pour in…

To help those researchers seeking validation, here is a more in depth article, entitled “Flood In Flight”.

To bring everyone following up to speed, discussions with film distributors continue. Yet, due to film festival premiere status requirements, our film “Fingerprints of the Flood” is still aiming for a fall 2017 release. I am glad to say the film is now posted on the IMDB and ask anyone that has viewed the film, to rate it at this link. ( click here ) We would appreciate a 10 star rating, but value honesty.

Over the past month, I have been engaging Scientists and leaders of Christian Ministries, to get their valued feedback. Comments about our film have been extremely positive in general, but there have also been a few hasty alarmist remarks. Discovery of this new continental configuration brings an absolute paradigm shift, which shocks the current geologic understanding. This discovery alters geologic context that evidence is interpreted within. Pangaea is proven false by this barricade pictured above, along with all the other connections revealed in the film. Proper continental connection leaves no return to using the Pangaea notion. Pangaea was first hand drawn before any under sea mapping by Antonio Snider-Pelligrini in 1858. Knowledge gained in the last 50 years, along with satellite imagery of the entire planet, was not available in Antonio’s time. The latest evidence validates our model and I am certain we have the new reigning model of continental origins.

Antarctica and Australia were conclusively between South America and Africa. New Zealand with the Campbell Plateau and Chatham Rise, were sandwiched over the Ross Shelf. Mass slid over the Executive Committee Mountain Range and tore away/apart during a cataclysmic flush. Continental separation caused the Great Flood of Scripture. Hundreds of cultures have recordings and legends of this now evident reality. The attached PDF gives more depth to this discovery, but much more is available in our film, Guide, and 360 Interactive software.

Reproducible measurement rules science today-

Researchers trying to validate my claims themselves, need to know a few things first. Continental origins are grasped by understanding spherical dynamics. Many researchers appear to have difficulty with envisioning two dimensional images on a three dimensional sphere. I have twelve years invested in this research with terabytes of data and working models in Autodesk’s 3DS Max and Adobe After Effects. The attached article shows 100 points of connection on just one frame. The base animated wrap at 4096×2048 pixel resolution (329 frames in length @30 fps) took over three years to compile. Compiling this wrap reached maximum available computing power in the process. It is not something anyone can simply replicate without spending immense amounts of time or nearly $100,000.00 in professional animation.  I am willing to work with accredited universities and colleges, and share with Jewish, Christian, and Muslim educators. To contact me with your credentials my email is chacham@godovertime.com

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