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Flood Science ReviewHighest Resolution Available Using ADMAP

After winning a few awards at film festivals, I contacted Mr. Joe Bardwell of “In Jesus Name Productions”. He was the moderator of the great attempt to draw all Christian PHD’s, Ministries, and scientists together in unity on the question of a global flood. They were seeking a unified conclusive model of the flood for all of Christianity and compiled an immense 1645 page document titled “The Flood Science Review” in 2010. Despite much input and review, Mr. Bardwell told me on the phone that they simply compiled all the data into their “Review”, shelving the project, because none of the models worked! Individually, all the PHD’s and ministry leaders had some interesting points and contributions, but they could not come up with a decisive flood model that held up to scientific scrutiny. As Mr. Bardwell had experience in this Christian endeavor and showed the greatest drive to get to the heart of the matter, I let him view my film and I asked him for some direction. He recommended I contact some of these Christian PHD’s, ministry leaders, and scientists. So I emailed 100 and 42 replied. I let them view the film on a secure server and loads of interaction began.

As I have been on this vein of research for over 25 years, I have studied the majority of views out there for a viable Flood Model. As someone who attended Bible College and worked in the Christian Education system, I can easily explain why these folks were unable to come up with a decisive flood model that held up to scientific scrutiny. It is 100% plain that they were never “searching for a viable flood model“, but only “searching for a viable flood model that conforms to a YOUNG EARTH CREATIONIST viewpoint“. Although many valid points have come out of YEC research, their approach has always discarded objectivity on this point and therefore they refuse or re-interpret any old earth data. Some YEC ministries boastfully pride themselves as sole adherents to scripture over the question of the flood being global. Such YEC ministries hypocritically claim any old earth Christian views are defective without a “Global Flood Model”, yet they have never had a decisive flood model that held up to scientific scrutiny.

The best example of this hypocrisy is the YEC “cash cow” Answers in Genesis, in their divisive book “Old-Earth Creationism on Trial” . Here in their chapter 6 “Defense-A Local Flood“, they try to slam fellow Christian, founder of Reasons to Believe and Astrophysicists Dr. Hugh Ross for his claims. Dr. Ross has truly been a pioneer in Christianity and suffered much hostile persecution from the YEC camp. I have always enjoyed his work and Dr. Ross could be considered the leader of Old Earth Christianity today…But true believers know their is only Christianity. (and only the intolerant YEC’s claim old earth believers aren’t real bible believing Christians). Although I agree with much of Dr. Ross’ work and his genuineness as a Christian, when it comes to the question of the flood, scripture and the evidence do reveal a complete global flood (as YEC claims)…but also an old earth as Dr. Ross holds! Defense of this position required a global model that holds up to scientific scrutiny and that is what we have provided (and will continue to until it is scientifically established or disproven). While discussing with the PHD’s, ministry leaders, and scientists that Mr. Bardwell suggested, I made the claim that any greater available resolution in magnetic anomalies will only further validate our model. This was when I was directed to the Antarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project (ADMAP), which was produced by the expert group “The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)”. As you will see this strengthens our model once again! Note that all of earth sciences today agree with us on the origin of the Campbell Plateau & Chatham Rise as being from the Ross Shelf (but they have no mechanism for separation here, unlike our model), but it is our link with Australia that forms a land bridge that differs from secular sources. Plate Tectonics has Australia originating in the wrong place and the magnetic anomaly signatures confirm this. Click the link for the PDF and zoom up to 800% to see the connection…it is a large file for best resolution.