The South Atlantic Anomaly

 The South Atlantic Anomaly

Discovered by James Van Allen in 1958 while mapping the Van Allen radiation belts, this dip in earths magnetic field has always plagued science. Where the earth’s magnetic field is low, charged particles from space reach lower into our atmosphere and these particles wreak havoc with expensive satellite and navigation equipment. Why it is concentrated here and covers such a vast region has defied scientific explanation until now. In the mid 1990’s NASA had declared that its “geologic origin is not yet known“, so I set out to uncover the geologic origin for this at the turn of the century.

I spent years sifting through all available scientific data and in 2006 had a hypothesis that the Pangea model of the Theory of Plate Tectonics was incorrect but I needed to conclusively verify my findings. Then in 2007 the CCGM released their winning Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World and I was off to the races. The Pangea models separation of North & South America from Africa across the Atlantic has its lack of accuracy exposed by the existence of the South Atlantic Anomaly. The more I investigated the evidence the more I realized that Pangea’s motion was always an assumption based upon a visual virtual fit. Pangea’s model all hinged on seafloor spread at ocean ridges as a constant over deep geologic time, but based upon this geologic position the massive South Atlantic Anomaly should not be there, but it clearly is.

I began to piece together all geologic motion on planet earth back to its original state of a single unified piece of dry land accounting for the South Atlantic Anomaly. After several weak visual renditions I realized that in order for this to be visually conclusive I had to use the latest high resolution images. So I settled on a 4096 x 2048 ETOPO2 naturally shaded relief and proceeded to cut it into 2648 precise pieces based upon motion I noticed in the Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World by the CCGM and created an animated map. At more than 4k resolution this is greater than the human eye can decipher and more than four times the resolution out of any university. It took me over three years to complete and at that depth most public computers cannot handle rendering 3D simulation easily yet the results are conclusive!

The geologic origin for the South Atlantic Anomaly shows a unified continent so tight with very little erosion, that it could only come apart in a massive isostatic pop! This is such an enormous event, that as difficult as it may be to grasp, it validates the Great Flood of scripture. It reveals the Pangea model as too 2D and contrary to the laws of physics. Also as land masses are properly rewound to their origins all tectonic boundaries around the globe are undone. This leaves Science without its source for measuring deep geologic time (Seafloor spread as a constant) in earths strata.

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