Live from Jerusalem!!!

To start off 2019 we are greatly honored to share 2 new series “live from Jerusalem”, broadcasting on

Starting Wednsday January 9th, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg is begining a five lesson series “Freedom to Choose Our Starting Point”. After a wonderful 8 lesson Series on the ‘Kuzari”, we are overjoyed to continue bringing you more of Rabbi Chaim Goldberg.

Also I am very excited for a very special 4 part “Live from Jerusalem” broadcast series starting January 20th, with Rabbi Baruch Gartner. This gentleman is not your average Rabbi, but he is also a world class Hebrew Sofer that formed a Yeshiva and trained others in Shimush (Apprenticeship). This is a wonderful opportunity to hear the profound and deep truths in his new book “Living Aligned“.
I have almost completed reading this work and all I can say is that the calm clarity is only outdone by the profound delivering of matured lifetime experiences mingled in the depths of Torah!!!