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As This is only our First Edition and future editions are subject to interest/support, the next couple weeks are critical as we move forward. It would only be proper to invest the time and resources if there is support and interest. I have produced the first edition in hi-quality digital format free for viewing and sharing. Below you will find all the scenarios we propose.

September 20th Print Determination

Please consider and support one of these options to ensure production: (No funds will be accepted for single paper issues/subscriptions until our final print determination. But please do sign up if you are willing. I will contact you if we go to print). Read the information following the pricing.

  • Click on the live links to see further
  • Digital Subscription support- 4 issues————————————$8.00 U.S.
  • Single paper copy- 1 issue (shipping extra)—————————–$5.99 U.S.
  • Annual paper subscription- 4 issues (shipping extra)————$18.00 U.S.
  • Advertising in NAN Magazine———————————-See sizes and price
  • Bulk buying- lots- 25′, 50′, 100′ or more———————See bulk discounts
  • Partnering- requires minimum print commitments (but comes with territory security and opportunity to recoup investment)
  • Donation to make it happen (Steps have been taken for Not-For-Profit status, but currently not in place. Once permitted we will be able to issue charitable receipts)
  • Also…if the support is strong enough, it it my desire to make the digital editions always available as free for the public, which is why I termed the first option as ‘Digital Subscription Support’.

Just imagine walking into your Doctor or Dentist office and finding one of these magazines in the waiting room? Would it spark some thought or even provoke conversation? Perhaps it might have enough impact to have someone look closer into the soundness of the Seven Noahide Principles. Of course I always recommend that people seek such spiritual answers primarily from a learned Rabbi, but this is where this magazine comes in… We all have a story of our journey to approach closer to Hashem (Almighty God). This magazine is designed to share those stories and keep people aware of all that is going on Noahide in North America.

Although digital serves a great purpose in sharing and learning, our desire is to go to print as I firmly believe it helps people connect with others and showcase the positive aspects of being B’nai Noach (Noahide). However print is such a dangerous game these days. It is easy enough to have a print on demand print shop make them as required and ship them, but the cost of producing a single copy would be around $15.00 U.S. plus shipping. This makes print on demand undesirable. Our target to start is to print 2000 copies, which would easily make a single copy only $5.99 plus shipping. Having a vision to share the beauty of being Noahide, I truly believe that buying in bulk would allow for the giving away of many individual copies, which could lead setting another on the path to a better life and also make the world a better place as the knowledge of Hashem grows.

I have set the deadline for the decision to go to print as September 20th 2019. I am using the next few weeks to test the possibility of viability. Beyond individual subscriptions (digital or paper copy), I am also opening up the opportunity to ‘buy in bulk’, ‘partner with ‘sales and distribution’, and even ‘reporting with a press pass’. I believe it is only right and viable if it supports no less than a ‘minimum wage job’ to produce, and pays ‘industry scale’ for writers and this can only happen if there is ongoing support. It needs to make good sense to continue!

To go to print for the first edition (which is done and free digitally) and to produce 2000 copies (of which I already have more than 200 spoken for) will cost no less than $3400.00 U.S. This supplies a basic business license, Bulk Mailing licence (as a certain number has to be guaranteed and for at least two editions), and 2000 professionally printed magazines. None of this accounts for the time and effort, or the behind the scenes expenses such as software and hardware and so on. So I ask for support…and interest! Once up and running, it is a baseline expense of approximately $30,000.00/year to make a quarterly publication run at a basic level, without profitability. The interest/support I receive over the next few weeks will determine if I move forward with the venture of NAN Magazine. (Know, it costs $1500.00 just to secure product GTIN Barcoding numbers. Magazine ISSN’ have already been submitted. This is like an ISBN International Standards Book Number but for periodical publications.)

NAN Magazine is committed to support and encourage Noahide growth and development, wherever possible. Any excess in positive support will be used to that end. A Tithe on any increase is committed to support in Jerusalem and once Not-For-Profit Status is secured, all financials will be a matter of public record. I hope you can embrace the vision with us and jump on board with support and continued interest. I want to encourage you!!! Many wonderful Rabbi are standing with us in Jerusalem and abroad. Also people all over the world are watching for the success of this magazine, and we are in talks to have it translated into other languages. I want to provide this service, please help me make it happen.

Sincerely Senior Editor: Dan Barwell

View for free the digital First Edition