Making it simple…for everyone!

In order to make this great discovery simple for everyone, I have put together this free page as a simple overview. The soundness of our position should become evident. This is true scientific discovery and not religious propaganda… it just so happens that this scientific discovery proves the position held by Judaism, Islam, Christianity and numerous cultural accounts, about a one time complete global flood!

I need to be clear…this is NOT a competing theory with Plate Tectonics…but by the establishment of the blockade  between the continents…it is an absolute overwrite of the pre-history Plate Tectonics established its premise upon! Plate Tectonics as a theory falls apart by the reproducible evidence we reveal…and view of the earth and its continental origins become emended to a more correct understanding! What we reveal in “Fingerprints of the Flood” takes earth sciences to a new level.

Logic in the evidence!

-Pangea is currently taught in public schools as fact. Such assumes that North and South America separated from Africa…supposedly by seafloor spread starting at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

-Yet the latest evidence (fully revealed in our movie & material) conclusively proves a barrier existed. Since the barrier was hypothesized, the connections and motions around the globe were measured. Over a decade of research was done and a 4096×2048 complete global map of continental motion was compiled (as many as 1312 frames in length, taking 3 years to compile). This strictly followed the ‘Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World” as the guide HERE and all motions are measured and reproducible. This barrier reveals the Pangea premise as impossible fallacy, along with all its predecessors…as the continents across the Atlantic never came close to each other in the manner they describe.

-Since this barrier is established as a scientifically reproducible reality, the notion of continent separation due to seafloor spread has to be discarded. This required a deeper explanation than what Earth Sciences Plate Tectonic’ currently gives. We found that the Transform Boundaries are primary over the Divergent Boundaries.

-The latest evidence shows all tectonic boundaries were formed due to continent separation. This is in accordance with all the laws of Physics and solid evidence. Our superseding model accounts for all genuine data and explains the geologic origin for the South Atlantic Anomaly and also shows its formation.

-That this configuration speaks for itself as genuine. It’s motivational forces become plain and inevitable. This accounts for all mass on Earth’s surface, under ocean, mantle scans, and fluid outer core…by measurable pressures and gravitational balancing.

-The original continental configuration was compressed like a spring. It’s configuration was so tight, that regardless of Earth’s age, it could not separate to our current configuration without the inevitable cataclysm revealed by the evidence. This is like an over tightened clock-spring exploding and gears becoming disassembled, moving to the only place they could…but on the surface of a sphere.

-The barrier established across the Atlantic Ocean, by the magnetic anomaly signatures, all under ocean land formations, and evidence gathered in the last 50 years, MANDATES the disregarding of the Pangaea Model and its predecessors at all levels of academia.

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