Map Zone

Doing my part as a Noahide… by providing maps for educational purposes!


In order to aid people with their pursuit of knowledge, I have decided to create “The Map Zone”. This will be my repository for the visual geologic evidence that aligns the latest data with the early Torah account of creation and the complete global flood. It is my hope that over time the mounting evidence I clearly see, be visible to all…including academia. From time to time I will release a new map for educational purposes for the public to review. If you have any specific areas you would like to see, or any certain configuration, email me ‘’ and I will see if I can make it happen.

I will start off using imagery from my new software “the Genesis Simulation”, looking at the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly’. Academia has no geologic answer for the SAA, but our position is sound according to perfection of the fit and the latest data. This forces a total rewrite of ‘Plate Tectonic Theory’, which we amply supply…and it also begins the paradigm shift towards viewing the evidence that aligns with the early Torah.

The simplicity begins with understanding there once was an Earth and Moon soft collision, which left a stamping footprint leading to continental formation. After this, the ‘Milankovich cycles’ began its gravity dance, which formed transform boundary lines. The Earth warped accordingly, as its equatorial circumference retracted and its poles elongated. The continents eventually separated by a cataclysm in the only possible direction, as the tidal locked captured moon continued to drift away! This is what the latest evidence reveals on both the Earth and its Moon.

Academia is captive to its own rules of evidence. Academia grows as evidence mounts until brighter, more robust theories come to light…our position is so robust, that I am certain academia will eventually adopt it. Check out our first map by clicking the link below… All maps will be “free download PDF” with capability to zoom in up to 400% without distortion. All maps fall under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International Copyright.

Maps- Click below to view the evidence

#1)  SAA with ADMAP – Released June 26th 2018

#2) Scotia Plate Catalyst – Released July 11th 2018

#3) Continents Before Catalyst – Released August 4th 2018

#4) Coriolis Determination – Released August 9th 2018

#5) As Above, So Below – Released October 20th 2018

#6) Rayleigh Wave Confirmation – Released October 26th 2018