Being Noahide

The Ancient Way for a Peaceful Future

Q) What is a Noahide?

A) It is a descendant of Noah, which everyone on planet earth is. But more than this, a Noahide is one that adheres to a moral code given by the ONE TRUE Almighty. Observant Jewish people consider adhering non-Jews to be the ‘pious of the nations’. The genuine motive is to draw close to Almighty God. To have a functioning relationship with the Almighty and fulfill individual potential, while living peacefully with all humanity. According to Rabbinic authorities. Noahide’ have a place in “the world to come”.

Q) What is the Noahide Code?

A) The Code contains the precepts to the moral duties of all descendants of Noah. No authorized records exist prior to the revelation on Sinai, but scripture’ account of the time before Sinai clearly holds this code existed. According to Jewish oral teachings, preservation of this Code for the remainder of the world has been entrusted to the Jewish people. The Code includes six prohibitions (1-6) with their intrinsic value and one proactive duty (7)


In essence, the code establishes a stable, humane and just society, accomplishing the Almighty’s will for humanity to inhabit this world (Gen 8:17). Observing the Code helps everyone in their true purpose, which is to make a dwelling place for the Almighty in this world. For a detailed overview of the authorized code please read “The Divine Code” by Rabbi Moshe Weiner.

What a Noahide is NOT!

Becoming a Noahide is NOT a conversion to Judaism, not even in the subtlest sense. Judaism is a binding covenant given at Mt. Sinai between the Almighty and the Jewish people alone. Let the Jewish people fulfill their purpose and potential, and listen closely to what they have to say about being Noahide. It could be covetous and even idolatrous for a gentile to desire conversion to Judaism. Conversion to Judaism is not expected of the world.

This Code existed prior to Judaism, with Abraham being a recognizable adherent. Jewish scholars consider tutoring the details of the Noahide code to the world, as a portion of their binding covenant with the Almighty. Before the Almighty, the world should strive for morality and establish a stable, humane and just society. Adhering to the Noahide code fulfills this, and by doing these seven Mitzvot we draw closer to HaShem (‘the Name’ in Hebrew, or the way Jewish people refer to the Almighty).

The Noahide Code is not a new religion! Adamantly, within code one (dealing with idolatry), is contained the prohibitive essence against establishing new religions. Assembly for the building up of one another in love is not an issue, but the formation of non-commanded ritual observance is contrary to the Noahide code. Separation of clergy and laity leads to elitist instability, inhumane treatment, and an overall unjust society.

Biblical precedence:

Genesis 26:5 – … because Abraham obeyed My voice and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws.”

Abraham was technically a Noahide who lived long before the covenant on Mt. Sinai. Abraham obeyed Almighty God’ voice by keeping HIS charge, commandments, statutes, and laws. These are differing specific terms for us to grasp the path of the Noahide.

The best available information about the depth of Noahide morality is entrusted to the Jewish people. The world would do well to humbly inquire of a Rabbi or learned Jewish person. This is not about pursuit of religion, but about engaging in a loving relationship with the Almighty and others, while caring for the environment HaShem has provided.