Pareidolia- “Geologic Cherry Picking”


-is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound), wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists. Pareidolia is the phenomenon of recognizing patterns, shapes, and familiar objects in a vague and sometimes random stimulus. Like seeing animals in clouds, or a face in the moon, or the  inkblot test. Soundness realizes that such things are only a similitude and not an actual form, shape or image of something genuine.

baconjesusThis image is a perfect example of Pareidolia…”Bacon Jesus”. A pattern was randomly generated by frying two strips of bacon until they were burnt to a crisp in a cheap old frying pan, and then the bacon fat was left to cool. While some would be tempted to see such as an epiphany if this happened to them while making breakfast, I know some Rabbi’s that would call this the result of eating non-kosher! As a novelty it is good for a laugh, but if many pareidolia are permitted to guide your life, intellectual flaw will result. Over the decades, I have known many believers that are swayed by signs and omens and also heard many claims of supernatural phenomenon. The sincerity of those effected is so great in some cases, that it can be near impossible to sway their belief. I labor to correct such and pray for those that sincerely seek the Lord.

My point here is that Plate Tectonic Theory is rooted in the foundation of the “Pangaea configuration”, and the “Pangaea configuration” has always been pareidolia. Pangaea is blocked as a possibility by the conclusive connection of Antarctica to South America. This has mandated the complete re-working of our current geologic paradigm, and our research puts forward the best model to date.

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