Partnership with NAN

Now this is where it gets special! The broader Noahide Community working together in a common Torah cause!

Every partner gets a Press pass and Identity page as a NAN Reporting Source. Plus the right to Sell Advertising to recoup expenses! Plus pages in upcoming editions. Wait…there is more!

Note: Partners must have Rabbinical endorsement or credible leadership connections. Partnership is limited in number so submission doesn’t guarantee. I am looking for two levels of partners, both with commitments for Four Editions to ensure print.

CONTENT PARTNER- A content partner is considered as a ‘freelance journalist with retail interest’. Someone who is committed to purchasing no less than 100 paper issues for four editions (basically a one year commitment). Maximum of ten content partners at this time. Paper editions will be at the low low price of only $2.00 per issue (and restocking until edition run out). Payments can be made quarterly, but I need you to sign up before “Print Determination Date” to make this happen. As a Content Partner, you will receive…

  • A press pass and identity page to go with their QR-code on the pass.
  • one page in which you can sell advertising to recoup your expense (must be sold at posted prices and you retain 80% as 20% goes into producing and setting the adds you sell). Basically, if you sell a page of advertising, you are up $200.00
  • Up to 4 pages of Article content in each edition (1000-3000 words) that must be in complete harmony with the Sheva Mitzvot. This is intended to showcase stories of interest in your community/region that must be of interest to all Noahide. Any ‘fringe’ material will be rejected. It is my hope to be able to pay scale (15 cents a word) if support goes well, and this includes single edition use of photo’s you supply. Example: 2000 words at 15 cents plus 10 photos at $5.00 = $350.00 income.
  • You can also sell at face value the magazines within your area, at trade shows and events, or to retailers, so long as it does not conflict with “Regional Partners”. You may also set the price between you and a local retailer within the purchasing price structure mentioned.

REGIONAL PARTNERS- Email me and request details. It will include more than above, such as territorial rights and subscription residuals as a Regional Partner.