Seismic Surveys Confirm Our New Tectonic Model

(Original post 2017) But first…

I am pleased to announce that we here at God Over Time have officially accepted for our spiritual guidance Rabbi Chaim Goldberg of “Brit Olam”, ‘The Noahide World Center’ in Jerusalem, Israel. Rabbi Chaim Goldberg has worked 30 years in education, was a successful high school principal for 15 years, and has devoted his life to spreading messages that can unify the world and benefit all humanity.

I was absolutely overjoyed after taking his first course “Study the Bible (1) Avoiding 5 mistakes”. This class so confirmed everything I have been doing my best to convey over the last few decades…but in clear and concise terms. I encourage all my friends and associates (Christian ones especially) to take this on line course (click here to go to course).  Raabi Chaim Goldberg’s broad and original understanding of the Bible, can bring personal empowerment and healthier relationships with all those around you. At this time, I feel it necessary to redirect spiritual guidance in Rabbi Chaim Goldberg’s (and the Noahide World Center) direction, to allow myself time to focus on toppling Academia’s inadvertent error with Pangaea and its predecessors.  Through Rabbi Chaim Goldberg’s course I was inspired to take Academia head on by beginning our own new course “Tectonics Rewritten”. Check out this ‘Invite and Introduction’.

Through our new tectonic model that followed the World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map as its guide, I have clearly shown the lack of erosion by perfect fit (evident in all our material). Now Seismic scans by the China Geologic Survey confirm our model as the only answer (see original findings). Not only is there no surface erosion allowing for a perfect fit, but the foot prints of the pressures that caused the incident remain intact 200 KMS below the surface of Antarctica…where the temperatures exceed 1500 degrees Celsius at the top of the Upper Mantle…without erosion as well. Absolutely astonishing, more epistemic confirmation! Early Genesis Scripture is far more correct than many have ever imagined.

I look forward to unveiling the origins in this course and also our upcoming software “The Genesis Simulation”.

Chacham Dan