“Youtube Live” Event- With Rabbi Chaim from Jerusalem!

Our fourth lesson was awesome and it just keeps getting better. Due to scheduling, our 5th lesson “live from Jerusalem with Rabbi Chaim Goldberg” will be on Wednesday November 14th.

Rabbi Chaim has a special offer available for a 9 day Holy Land Tour with ‘Jerusalem Journey”. Please check out this link and let’s consider a tour of the Holy Land together.
If anyone is interested in doing this as a group, let me know and we can coordinate this…or if it is something on your personal bucket list… the link is below. Day two includes touring the Old City of David from 1000 BCE and walking through the ancient tunnels!!! Exciting stuff!!!


In order to capture this study in full Hi-Definition, we have settled for broadcasting “live’ on YOUTUBE alone, and will post to other social media after. Join us on YOUTUBE @ Chacham Dan’s channel.

This exciting study will review “The Kuzari”. This is one of the greatest apologetic works which deals with the case of Judaism over Islam and Christianity. For anyone interested in getting a head start on the book, Sefaria has a free on-line copy in Hebrew and English. (click here) This event will be open to all!

Here is a trailer…

Posted by Dan Barwell on Monday, July 9, 2018